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7 Facts You Should Know Before Opting For Scalp Micropigmentation In Miami

Scalp tattoo, or its variant Scalp micropigmentation, have been around for decades and have been used by different primitive cultures for different purposes. But in recent years, scalp micropigmentation has been used as an alternative treatment for men battling hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is an alternative for hair growth portions and lotions, as well as hair replacement therapy.

Scalp micropigmentation will not work for everyone, therefore before you opt for this procedure it is important you gather as much information about it, so you can approach the process with realistic expectations.

Before you opt for this Scalp micropigmentation in Miami, it is important you know some important facts about it;

1) It does not regrow hair:

SMP creates an illusion of stubble or a closely shaved hair but does not replace the actual feel that is expected with a stubble. During the procedure, hundreds of tiny dots of pigment are injected below the outermost layer of the scalp skin. On closer examination, people will get to know it isn't your real hair. If you are not comfortable with such revelation, then you should probably consider other options.

2) It is a standalone procedure:

Scalp micropigmentation in Miami is a standalone procedure, this simply means that anyone interested does not need to undergo any hair restoration exercise in order to be eligible for the procedure. The procedure can last 10 years without fading.

3) It is not the same as tattooing:

Scalp micropigmentation in Miami is similar, but not exactly the same as scalp or hair tattoo. While both procedures involve the injection of ink below the outer layer of the skin, the depth of the deposit differs. A tattoo artist ink typically goes deeper, to about five layers deep into the epidermis, while SMP ink goes down only two layers. Also, during SMP the color of the pigment is aimed to match the color of the rescinding hair and the skin tone and it is expected to stay the same for up to 10 years. But for scalp or skin tattoo, the ink color typically fades after a few years.

4) The needles are not the same:

The needles used for Scalp micropigmentation in Miami are typically thinner than those used by a regular tattoo artist. Its thinness helps it to be able to inject tiny dots of pigment to create the buzz cut illusion. The needles are also not perfectly round as it mimics the human hair follicles which are also irregular and jagged.

5) SMP is less painful:

SMP is less painful as compared to traditional tattoo. This is because the needles used are thinner and they penetrate lesser as compared to the needles used for the regular tattoo. However, for people with a low threshold for pain, the procedure can actually be a bit uncomfortable. Topical and injectable anesthetic is available for people who wish to numb the area and make the procedure more bearable.

6) You will decide your hairline:

Your newline hair will look as normal as you want it to look. You and your hair replacement specialist will need to agree on what look will best serve you. If you are not comfortable with the placement of your hairline and would want it lower, this can be done. It is however advised that you start lower and then increase as it seems appropriate with you.

7) Decide on the best specialist:

You must pay proper attention when choosing a hair replacement specialist. This is a procedure that will last many years so it is advisable you make the best decision. You should interview prospective specialists, ask important questions and request to see photos of their previous work before you make a final choice.


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