Micropigmentacion Capilar

Micropigmentacion Capilar: What You Need To Know

It’s important to have full knowledge about micropigmentacion capilar before going for a scalp micropigmentacion. Scalp micropigmentacion involves covering baldness or replacing hair loss with color pigment. It can work for both women and men and everyone suffering from baldness. It is possible to have side effects when not properly done.

The right way to use it is to make sure the natural pigment matches the skin tone and hair color of the person. This process has been recognized for long, and it is widely used to deal with baldness. Scalp micropigmentacion can last four years and can be changed thereafter.

It is an advanced type of tattoo, which looks beautiful. This procedure can only be carried out by a professional dermatologist. We have highly trained and experienced dermatologist to help you through the process.

Steps Involved

The steps involved are not as tedious as the name sound, it is quite simple. They are as followed:

Phase One: Firstly, you will need to schedule a consultation with an expert who will check the pattern your hair has and the extent of the baldness.

Phase Two: Secondly, an effective lineup is done with the most advanced technology. This helps you to know the outcome of the whole process.

Phase Three: Scalp micropigmentacion capilar involves three sessions, each session takes at least 3 to 4 hours to complete within the space of 3 days. The first day involves making the hairline and also the initial filling. The second day is for the second filling and texture is also added for a more natural look while the last day is for perfecting the work done and also trying to solve any issues. This period is usually very short, and it takes about one or two hours.

Phase Four: The last procedure involves steps on how you can take care of it. You may need to keep visiting the clinic to ensure that the procedure is successful. You don’t need so much to maintain your hair after micropigmentacion capilar. You can take care of your hair naturally by washing and applying gel only.

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentacion

The after-result of Micropigmentacion capilar is very lovely, but it will be very important to understand the advantages. Let us take a look at some advantages:

    The hair of the person becomes fuller and also help present a younger appearance. For those with half bald heads, it helps to restore the hairline on their hair. It doesn’t look artificial at all, it looks more natural and also helps in closing the patches that were obvious before. It helps to increase the confidence of the patient.

It is important to note that scalp micropigmentacion isn’t too expensive, unlike some hair products. It is also free from harmful chemicals. Some of the hair products used on the hair can be dangerous to human health.

The procedure is very easy and can easily be afforded by anyone interested in it. It is also safe and natural. No one notices micropigmentacion when it is carried out successfully. Anyone with hair growth disorders should get a scalp micropigmentacion done as it will help get rid of their baldness.


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