Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


with Hair Tattoo


Rooted in a dedication to changing lives, Scalp Evolution focuses on Hair Tattoo to combat hair loss and renew your confidence, enabling you to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. Schedule a free consultation at our Leeds, UK office today.


Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


Hair Tattoo in Leeds

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester

Meet The Expert

Danny Aziz

Danny Aziz is a best-in-class Hair Tattoo artist. Danny has over 10 years of experience, expertly trained by HIS Hair Clinic when Hair Tattoo was created. Get a professional, attractive, clean result which only comes from industry-leading experience.

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Why Choose SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester

Overnight Change

Finish your treatment, and you're officially done! No prolonged waiting, whether it's for months or not at all, to witness the transformative changes.

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester

Permanent effects

The results of the treatment stay for several years, requiring only a touch-up every 2-4 years to ensure its ongoing freshness.

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


The majority of people have no clue this even exists. Go ahead and live your life without any worries!


Hair Tattoo is the ultimate solution for anyone, regardless of gender, dealing with hair loss or scalp scarring. Unlike other treatments, Hair Tattoo works quickly, effortlessly, and lasts a lifetime. With the expertise of a seasoned professional, the results are incredibly lifelike and natural-looking, surpassing other options like hair transplants known for their temporary, uneven outcomes and scarring.

Hair tattoo is the ultimate solution for hair loss. Say goodbye to years of image and confidence struggles. Our innovative cosmetic treatment provides incredibly realistic results, ensuring nobody will ever suspect you've experienced hair loss. With expert administration, you'll rock a permanent shaved or buzzed look that's not only stylish but also embraced in modern professional and social settings.

Experience the long-lasting results of a proper SMP procedure at Scalp Evolution. With Danny, you can trust that 100% of his extensive expertise is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for each client. Say goodbye to constant touch-ups and hairstyle adjustments - our low-maintenance approach ensures your look stays flawless.


No matter why you're experiencing hair loss, Hair Tattoo can help you achieve a modern and youthful appearance that will draw the right kind of attention. The Hair Tattoo look is clean, sharp, and up-to-date. With Scalp Evolution Hair Tattoo treatments, you can enjoy:

> Concealment of scarring from failed hair transplants, including both the strip and follicular unit extraction styles of surgery.

> Camouflage for burns, birthmarks, and scars.

> The appearance of a full head of hair.

> A young, natural hairline or more conservative receded look

> Total and lasting concealment of the symptoms of alopecia, regardless of severity (Danny has experienced this personally).

> When combined with pre-existing hair transplant results, Hair Tattoo can create the appearance of additional, lasting density.

Hair Tattoo in Leeds, UK is suitable for all hair and skin tones. No matter your circumstances, Danny is dedicated to helping you accomplish your specific cosmetic goals. As someone who has experienced hair loss, he understands your struggles and pays meticulous attention to detail. With experience serving thousands of clients, Danny possesses an unparalleled understanding of his clients' needs. He will offer genuine advice and expert guidance throughout the entire treatment process. Trust him to deliver the results you desire.


Hair loss can have a significant impact on both men and women, affecting their confidence and making them feel prematurely aged. Many individuals have faced ridicule and mistreatment, while others have isolated themselves from social interactions due to their hair loss. However, there is a solution that can help reclaim your life - Hair Tattoo. Unlike hair loss, this is a decision that empowers you to regain control over your appearance once and for all.

If you're similar to many of Danny's clients, you've likely endured the frustrating process of spending thousands on pills, surgeries, and hairpieces, only to be dissatisfied with the outcomes. In contrast to other so-called "solutions," the only side effect of Hair Tattoo is increased confidence.

Discover the truth behind this remarkable opportunity. Danny provides concrete evidence of his success through his personal achievements and a collection of transformational before and after photos from his delighted clients. Get ready to embrace a whole new lease of life with Hair Tattoo.


The shaved head has become the trendiest hairstyle worldwide. It's not just for chief executives; Hollywood actors and professional athletes are also adopting this look. Public figures, both men and women, are making this modern and clean choice, even without hair loss! There's no need to suffer in silence when you can be part of the chic and progressive community. After undergoing 2-3 Hair Tattoo treatments, no one will know about your hair loss, granting you the freedom to live life without limitations.


Get the look of a shaved or buzzed hairstyle with Hair Tattoo. Our tattooing process creates a realistic illusion that is incredibly detailed. To ensure the best results, the procedure is split into multiple sessions. Don't worry about any scars - Hair Tattoo leaves none behind. However, you may experience some mild redness that lasts up to 48 hours. We recommend a week between sessions to allow your skin to heal and for our expert, Danny, to have a clear view of your scalp. This sophisticated and precise process may take 2-4 hours depending on the coverage needed. Achieve the hairstyle you've always wanted with Hair Tattoo.



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Is this the same as a tattoo?

The procedure is reminiscent of a tattoo but showcases unique characteristics. Employing specialized needles, a machine, and pigment tailored for Scalp Micropigmentation, it deviates from traditional tattoos that penetrate 5 or more layers into the skin. Instead, our procedure reaches only 2 layers, ensuring the pigment retains its follicle-like structure.

What is the cost of the procedure?

Our prices are individually determined, but typically range from $1000 to $5000. The cost is based on the severity of hair loss and the duration of treatment.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. For more information, click here:

How long will the treatment sessions take?

A Scalp Micropigmentation session typically takes 2-4 hours, depending on your specific needs. In the beginning, we'll spend around 10-15 minutes on paperwork. Then, we'll take 15-30 minutes to discuss your style preferences, choose colors, and determine the best position for your hairline. The rest of the time will be dedicated to performing the procedure and providing you with guidelines for aftercare.

Is it painful?

Most clients report minimal to mild discomfort during the procedure. On average, clients rate their pain level as 1-2 out of 10.

How will I look immediately after?

Experience immediate results, but expect temporary redness that will fade within 12-48 hours.

What is the after care?

During the initial 3-4 days following your treatment sessions, it's imperative to keep the treatment area dry, which means abstaining from showering and avoiding exercise. Once this period concludes, typically after 3-4 days, you can resume your usual activities.