Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


with Hair Tattoo


Scalp Evolution is dedicated to transforming lives by offering Hair Tattoo services that combat hair loss and boost self-assurance. Our Hialeah, FL office invites you to schedule a complimentary consultation and take a step towards a fulfilling life.


Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


Hair Tattoo in Hialeah

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester

Meet The Expert

Danny Aziz

Danny Aziz is a best-in-class Hair Tattoo artist. Danny has over 10 years of experience, expertly trained by HIS Hair Clinic when Hair Tattoo was created. Get a professional, attractive, clean result which only comes from industry-leading experience.

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Why Choose SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester

Overnight Change

Once you receive your treatment, you're truly done! There's no need to wait for months, or at all, for the changes to take effect.

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester

Permanent effects

The treatment provides lasting results for several years, requiring only a touch-up every 2-4 years to maintain its freshness.

Scalp Micropigmentation Manchester


Most people have absolutely no idea this even exists. Live your life without worrying!


Experience the transformative solution for hair loss and scalp scarring with Hair Tattoo. Unlike other treatments, Hair Tattoo offers unparalleled speed, ease, and permanence. Our skilled practitioners deliver results that look incredibly realistic and natural, surpassing options like hair transplants known for fleeting outcomes and scarring.

Discover a cosmetic solution that eliminates years of image and confidence struggles in no time. Hair Tattoo creates such authentic results that no one will ever suspect you've experienced hair loss. Our treatment leaves you with a permanent shaved or buzzed look that is highly sought-after in today's business and social settings.

With little to no maintenance required, you can enjoy the long-lasting effects of a proper SMP procedure. At Scalp Evolution, Danny's wealth of experience is dedicated to providing the best possible results for each and every client. Return for touchups or hairline changes as needed, and trust that you're in capable hands.


Experience a modern and youthful look with Hair Tattoo, regardless of the pattern or cause of your hair loss. Our treatments are designed to give you a clean, crisp, and contemporary appearance that will attract the right kind of attention. Discover the benefits of Scalp Evolution Hair Tattoo treatments and enjoy a rejuvenated look that you'll love.

> Concealment of scarring from failed hair transplants, including both the strip and follicular unit extraction styles of surgery.

> Camouflage for burns, birthmarks, and scars.

> The appearance of a full head of hair.

> A young, natural hairline or more conservative receded look

> Total and lasting concealment of the symptoms of alopecia, regardless of severity (Danny has experienced this personally).

> When combined with pre-existing hair transplant results, Hair Tattoo can create the appearance of additional, lasting density.

Hair Tattoo is a versatile solution that accommodates all hair and skin tones. Danny, driven by personal experience with hair loss, is devoted to supporting you in reaching your unique cosmetic objectives. With a wealth of clients served, he possesses an unmatched sensitivity to individual needs, delivering authentic advice and technical guidance throughout the treatment journey.


Don't let hair loss bring you down. It affects both genders and can hurt your self-esteem. But now, you have a choice to take control of your appearance. Hair Tattoo is a decision that can change your life.

If you've tried pills, surgeries, and hair pieces with no success, you're not alone. But unlike those failed solutions, Hair Tattoo gives you confidence, with no side effects.

And we have the proof to back it up. Danny, our expert, has personal results and before and after photos from satisfied clients. Hair Tattoo is the start of a new chapter for many. Take charge of your life now.


The shaven head has become a worldwide fashion trend, embraced by chief executives, Hollywood actors, and professional athletes. This modern and clean choice isn't limited to those dealing with hair loss—public figures, both men and women, are adopting this chic and progressive look. Following 2-3 Hair Tattoo treatments, you'll live life freely, with no one being aware of your hair loss.


Hair Tattoo mimics a shaved/buzzed hair look using a precise tattooing process to achieve a lifelike illusion. The detailed nature of the process necessitates multiple sessions. While Hair Tattoo doesn't result in scars, it may induce mild skin redness lasting 12-48 hours. Sessions are spaced a week apart, allowing skin recovery and ensuring Danny can assess your scalp for the best coverage. This intricate process requires 2-4 hours per session, depending on coverage needs.



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Is this the same as a tattoo?

The process closely resembles tattooing but has notable distinctions. Dedicated needles, machines, and pigments are employed for Scalp Micropigmentation. Unlike traditional tattoos, which penetrate 5 or more skin layers, our Scalp Micropigmentation procedure reaches only 2 layers. This design ensures the pigment maintains a follicle-like shape.

What is the cost of the procedure?

Our prices at Hialeah, FL are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the stage of hair loss and the amount of treatment time needed. While exact prices may vary, you can expect to pay between $1000 and $5000 for our services.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. For more information, click here:

How long will the treatment sessions take?

A typical Scalp Micropigmentation session usually spans 2-4 hours, contingent on treatment requirements. The initial 10-15 minutes involve paperwork, followed by 15-30 minutes dedicated to discussing style preferences, color selection, and hairline positioning. The remaining time is allocated to performing the procedure and providing aftercare guidelines.

Is it painful?

Most clients typically report little to no pain during the procedure, with only mild discomfort being possible. On average, clients have described the level of discomfort as around 1-2 out of 10.

How will I look immediately after?

Experience immediate results, with temporary redness that will fade in 12-48 hours.

What is the after care?

In the first 3-4 days post your treatment sessions, it's crucial to shield the treated area from moisture. This involves abstaining from showering in that specific area and refraining from exercise. Once this initial period concludes, you can return to your regular activities.