Get Help For Your Hair Loss
& Male Pattern Baldness Miami

If you’re suffering from hair loss, you are not alone. Hair loss and male pattern baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia in men) is unfortunately very common in both women and men. Specifically for men, hair loss increases with age. But losing your hair is a slippery slope.

Once you experience hair loss, you’ll most likely find yourself with significant baldness within a matter of time. The good news? There is treatment for hair loss and male pattern baldness Miami. Rather than being self-conscious and suffering from this condition, you can improve your quality of life with natural-looking hair.

Causes of Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness Miami

There are several reasons why both women and men experience hair loss.

Typical causes of hair loss and male pattern baldness include age, auto-immune diseases, genetics, and medications. Another significant cause for hair loss specifically in men is hormones. These male hormones leading to hair loss are called androgens.

Androgens are supposed to help hair grow through a specific growth cycle. However, these hormones in some men become weakened, therefore causing a weakened growth cycle. Overtime, this leads to smaller hair follicles that eventually lead to going bald.

But there is help for your hair loss and male pattern baldness Miami.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation at Scalp Evolution?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a solution for people of both men and women suffering from all forms of hair loss and scalp scarring. No other treatment works as quickly, as easily, or as permanently as SMP. When performed by an experienced and skilled practitioner at Scalp Evolution, the results appear more realistic and natural than any other option, including hair transplants, which are notorious for producing fleeting, patchy results and scarring.

Specifically, SMP is a cosmetic solution for male hair loss that quickly solves issues of image and confidence that have haunted men for years. The results look so real that no one needs to know that you have ever experienced hair loss. Proper administration of the treatment leaves the client with a permanent shaved / buzzed look that is welcome in all contemporary business and social circles.

While clients might occasionally return for touch ups or hairline changes, based on personal stylistic decisions, little to no maintenance is needed to preserve the look accomplished by a proper SMP procedure. At Scalp Evolution, Danny brings 100% of his extensive experience to bear for every one of his clients, and he is committed to ensuring that each and every person he treats gets the best results possible.

About Your SMP Artists, Danny and Ana

To be an exceptional SMP practitioner for hair loss and male pattern baldness requires three things: Patience, empathy and attention to detail. And while these things in part come with experience, they also cannot be taught. At Scalp Evolution, Danny and Ana treat you like a whole person. They understand that you are more than just a customer who wants help with your baldness. You want to feel confident when you walk out your front door each day. You want to experience a high-quality of life.

Danny and Ana not only bring years of combined experience to their SMP treatment in Miami, but they get it.

Danny knows from first-hand experience how much hair loss can affect your self-esteem and quality of life. Having performed more than 2,000 SMP treatments, he has served clients in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, New York and Toronto. Danny’s skills became so renowned that clients began to seek him out by name, and would willingly fly to whatever city in which he was currently practicing.Today, Danny brings his male pattern baldness expertise to Miami.

Ana decided she wanted to become an SMP practitioner after meeting Danny. Her motivating factor is to change people’s lives by helping them look and feel great. After a 12-month apprenticeship under Danny and several years of practicing the art of SMP, Ana (like Danny) is now considered one of the best SMP technicians in the world.

Here’s What You Can Expect for Hair Loss Treatment Miami

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) simulates a shaved / buzzed look of hair using a tattooing process to create the illusion. The process is incredibly detailed, and this is the main reason that the procedure must be broken up over multiple sessions. SMP does not leave any scars, but it can produce mild redness of the skin that can last between 12 to 48 hours.

The gaps between the two to three sessions are usually a week in duration. This allows time for the skin to heal, giving Danny a better view of your scalp on subsequent visits for best coverage. It’s a sophisticated and precise process, so your hair loss treatment sessions might take two to four hours depending on coverage needed.

Most clients experience no pain to mild discomfort. The average client reports a 1 - 2 out of a pain scale of 10.

Is SMP for Male Pattern Baldness Miami the Same as a Tattoo?

“Thanks to Danny my hairline looks better than it did when I was younger. This is the best experience I’ve had since losing my hair using all these hair loss products and going on so many consultations that can’t help me on my hair loss , Danny saw me and gave me back my youth, if you’re looking for something that works, see Danny at Scalp Evolution..”

- Ansel Simon

No. While the process of SMP is somewhat similar to getting a tattoo, there are some key differences, starting with the needles, machine and pigment. This equipment and materials are designed specifically for hair loss treatment with SMP. And whereas tattoos tend to be placed five layers or deeper into the skin, SMP treatment for hair loss is much more shallow - Being placed two layers into the skin. This enables the pigment to hold its hair follicle shape.

Benefits of SMP for Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness in Miami

Regardless of the cause for your male pattern baldness or hair loss Miami, SMP treatment can give you a modern, youthful look that will attract the right kind of attention. Clean, crisp, and contemporary describes the SMP-look. After a course of Scalp Evolution SMP treatments, you will experience:

  • Concealment of scarring from failed hair transplants, including both the strip and follicular unit extraction styles of surgery.

  • Camouflage for burns, birthmarks, and scars.

  • The appearance of a full head of hair.

  • A young, natural hairline or more conservative, receded appearance.

  • Complete and lasting concealment of the symptoms of alopecia, regardless of severity (Danny has personally experienced this).

  • When combined with pre-existing hair transplant results, SMP treatment for hair loss can create the appearance of additional, lasting density.

SMP treatment for hair loss works for all hair and skin tones. Regardless of your individual situation, Danny is committed to helping you achieve your individual cosmetic goals with the empathy and attention to detail that only comes from a fellow sufferer of hair loss. As a result of serving thousands of clients, Danny has cultivated a sensitivity to his client’ needs that is unrivalled in the SMP hair loss industry.

You’re guaranteed to receive legitimate advice and technical guidance through every stage of the treatment.

A Real Change for Those Suffering From Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a terrible thing to endure for both genders. It can impact confidence and make sufferers feel as if they are becoming old before their time. Some have been ridiculed and abused, and more still have effectively rejected themselves by shying away from social interaction because of their condition. It’s time to take your life back. Hair loss was never a choice, but SMP is one decision that can put you back in control of your appearance for good.

If you are like many of Danny’s clients, you have experienced firsthand the frustrating experience of wasting thousands on pills, surgeries, and hair pieces, only to have unsatisfactory results. Unlike other so-called “solutions,” the only side-effect of SMP is confidence.

If all of this seems too good to be true, fortunately, it isn’t. Danny expects you to take nothing on faith, as he has his own personal results, along with scores of before and after photos from his other clients to show you what you can expect. SMP, for many people, is nothing short of the beginning of a new life.

A Stylish Decision for Hair Loss Miami

A shaved head is currently the world’s most fashionable hairstyle. Everyone from chief executives, to Hollywood actors, to professional athletes have been seen sporting this look. Public figures, men and women alike, have been embracing this modern and clean decision, even in the absence of hair loss!

There is no need to suffer in silence when you can join the ranks of the chic and progressive. Following your two to three SMP treatments, no one will be the wiser about your hair loss, and you will be free to live life without restrictions.

What is the Cost for Hair Loss Treatment in Miami?

The cost for hair loss treatment in Miami is based on a case-by-case basis. That being said, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $5,000. Prices are based on the current stage of hair loss and treatment time required.

Control Your Hair Loss Miami with Scalp Evolution

Get hair loss and male pattern baldness treatment from the best at Scalp Evolution.

Built upon a passion for changing people's lives, Scalp Evolution specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation to help you beat hair loss and restore your confidence, empowering you to live a full life. With years of hands-on experience, attention to detail, and showing empathy to our clients, we are distinguished practitioners of hair loss treatment. And unlike large, corporate-type clinics with a stale environment, we believe in quality over profit.

At Scalp Evolution, hair loss is personal. We get it and we want to help you live your best life.

Need help combatting your hair loss and male pattern baldness Miami?