Why Men Go Bald More Often than Women

Perhaps you have noticed that men lose more hair than women. Maybe you have been wondering why this scenario seems to be the case. This article will explain why men tend to experience hair loss.


The Reality of Family Genetics


The first and foremost reason that men lose more hair than women do is due to the fact that men are more genetically predisposed to hair loss than women are. As men age, they seem to note that their hairline is not as full as it used to be and it is receding more and more. The truth is that over fifty percent of men who are over the age of fifty demonstrate signs of losing some hair. In fact, by the time that men reach the age of seventy, four out of five men are experiencing some form of hair loss.


If you have relatives in your family line who are experiencing hair loss, then you will likely experience hair loss as well. It is not known exactly how this condition is passed down. But the reality is that it is prevalent in family lines.


Doctors do not fully comprehend the reason that different changes in the hormones of men contribute to the shrinkage of the hair follicles or the reason the process of balding typically occurs in the same way for the majority of men. It is noted that normally hair loss is associated with the noticing of the thinning of the hairline at the temples and near the crown of the head. Based on one’s family history, hair loss can commence even as early as the teen years. The hair can not only become thinner in appearance, but it can also become finer, softer and even shorter.


The Presence Of Health Problems And Diet Considerations


When you experience hair loss as a male, this may be the indication of a health condition that must be addressed by your doctor. If you experience the conditions of thyroid issues or anemia, this may explain why you are experiencing some hair loss issues. If your diet is lacking in the presence of protein and iron, you can experience hair loss.


Medication And Medical Treatments


It is needful to take medications and medical treatments for various health conditions as recommended by your doctor. However, medications can have the side effect of hair loss. If you are taking medication for cancer, depression, arthritis, heart conditions or high blood pressure, it is possible for some men to experience hair loss as a result. In addition, if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, you can lose your hair. However, in most cases after chemotherapy and radiation, the hair will grow back.


Shock Or Stress


When your body undergoes the experience of shock or stress, this can unfortunately result in hair loss. The body may be stressed or shocked by extreme or sudden weight loss, which can result in hair loss. Also, dramatic emotional shock or physical shock can result in hair loss. In some cases, surgery, the flu or even a fever are enough to stress or shock the body to cause hair loss.