What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss isn't something you want to think about or talk about. But, chances are you will be affected by hair loss at some point in your life. You may be experiencing hair loss now or seeing the early signs of hair loss. Your dad may be bald and you may be thinking that you are next in line. Maybe you are already there. Nearly sixty- five percent of us will experience some form of hair loss before our thirty-fifth birthday. These odds increase by twenty percent after we turn fifty. With all of these statistics, you may be thinking about what causes hair loss? Or you may be thinking about what you can do about hair loss.


Main Causes of Hair Loss




Studies show that seventy-nine to eighty-one percent of male pattern baldness is tied to genetics. In the past researches thought that hair loss came from your mother's side of the family. So if mom's dad was bald chances are you will be bald. However, recent studies have shown that dad also plays a factor in your chances of going bald. Now chances are you will have the same look as dad and granddad A recent study found that fifty percent of bald men have bald dads.


Environmental Factors


You probably already know that drinking too much and smoking isn't good for you. But did you know that drinking and smoking can nearly double your chances of losing your hair? Drinking and smoking slow down your blood flow. Blood flow is essential for hair growth. As you lose your hair new hair grows to replace it. If new hair isn't growing to replace the fallen hair loss develops.


Stress is not good for your mind or body. Stress isn't good for your hair either. Your hair follicles rest and fall out. It is a process that your hair is constantly going through. Stress causes more of your hair to rest and fall out. The problem occurs when more hairs then should fall out. Your body simply can't grow enough hair to replace the fallen hair. This leads to hair loss.


Your diet plays a huge role in your health and your lifestyle. Diet also contributes to hair loss. Nutrients from the foods you eat pretty much feed your hair. Healthy vitamin-rich food makes your hair strong and healthy. But, a poor diet can lead to brittle, thin hair. Your brittle thin hair falls out and your body just can't grow enough hair to replace the fallen hair.


But I Don't Want to be Bald!


Some people totally pull off the bald look. Some even shave off full heads of hair to be bald. But, others lack the confidence to go completely bald. The great thing is you can have natural-looking hair!

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive one or a few session approach to hair loss. It is like a hair tattoo that looks like natural hair. Micro-pigmentation can restore your confidence and give you the look of having a short buzz cut.