How Much Of Hair Loss Is Genetic?

What Causes Hair Loss?

If you ever looked at your hairbrush or comb and saw those stray hairs stuck in the bristles and wondered if you are loosing your hair, you are right! Well not exactly, as it seems that hair is continually growing from our follicles while older strands may fall out for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons are completely natural while others are attributed to health and diet.


Natural hair loss begins typically by the time you reach adulthood, if you experience hair loss before that it could be a health condition. Stress is the number one cause of hair loss and if you don’t believe that, touch any dog or cat from the kennel and see how much hair comes off them when you pet them. Of course there are dietary reasons that indicate you’re not eating healthy enough or getting the proper vitamins daily.


Types of Hair Loss

We are talking about pattern baldness that both men and women can experience. In most men the typical bald eagle patch at the top rear of the skull is the first to go, while women have a steady thinning effect that can occur over the years. And though women rarely go bald due to the effects of their hormones, it seems that high testosterone in men is a leading reason for experiencing hair loss early in life. Most of the body builders who are juicing (Steroid injections or enhancements) will lose their hair at an accelerated rate.


Medical reasons are also at the forefront of why hair loss can occur. A thyroid condition, cancer treatments and even severe trauma experience recently- such as the loss of a loved one. Mostly it boils down to some basic hereditary treats passed down from grandma and grandpa. The rule of thumb is obvious, if your Dad was bald around 25 or 30- then you’ll be following in his footsteps soon enough.


Is Genetics the Sole Reason for Hair Loss?

Not that genetics is a bad thing yet for some everyone has a genetic code that will sometimes go out of whack. Just like a computer program, the code is subjected to cracking and there are vitamins and supplements that can improve your health for the better. Just because your parents had hair problems it doesn’t mean you will be affected. It might be the combination of genes that may prevent balding from happening (for a generation at least).


Some cultures experience balding since years and years of dietary restrictions can ultimately cause the genetics to be hacked. Entire families can experience balding problems as a result, and yet nobody knows the reasons why. While some generations see improvements due to the changing of a location or county. Many Europeans who moved to America for a better life simply left the stress they lived with in their home county behind.


Not everyone has a solid answer for the causes of hair loss, yet the Genetic reason is one that is highly debated to this day. Even doctors have scoffed at the idea that genetics are the sole reason. We can all agree that eating healthy and living stress free is one sure way to prevent hair loss altogether.