How Many SMP Sessions Does It Take For The Best Results?

When you sign up for a Scalp Micropigmentation session, one of the first things that come to mind is, “Exactly how many sessions do I need for full and best results?”

  • The results depend and vary from client to client. Depending on;
  • The fading of the pigment experienced by the client
  • The area needed to be covered
  • Any scar tissue that needs to be addressed
  • A few other factors

It is safe to say that it takes more than one session for this treatment to work.

How does the SMP treatment work?

The treatment itself follows a few steps. It is better if the client knows exactly what they are signing up for and how much time it will cost them.

Regardless of the different factors mentioned above, as well as the quality of the physician, it takes about 3 SMP sessions (or in some cases 4) for best results.

First session:

The first session usually lasts longer than the second and third sessions with time decreasing along with each session. With your first visit, you will be leaving with a layout for your following two or three visits.

The physician develops an outline. The pigmentation used for it is light in shade. The time can vary between 4, 5 to even 6 hours, depending on the physician and the clinic you’ve made your appointment with. This is estimated considering the breaks and usual monitoring throughout the whole session.

Second session:

During the second session, your perfect hairline is created. Of course, according to the preferences of the clients. After that, the physician adds more volume by adding more layers with different colors to create a more in-depth look. The second session takes about 30 minutes to one hour less than the first one.

Third session:

Finally, during the third session, final touches are made and the client walks out with their completed look! The third session takes 30 minutes to one hour less than the second session.

Why Each SMP Case is Different

As mentioned above, in a lot of cases, mainly three and sometimes four sessions are required for best results. But there are cases where clients may even need five or more sessions to complete their treatment. Some even require 7 sessions. So, what are the factors that determine the number of sessions for complete treatment? Does it depend on the client? Or does it depend on the clinic or physician?

Although the chances for treatments to go up to 6 or 7 sessions are rare, following are the primary causes for the different number of sessions required:

  • DNA of the client (Some people have their pigments fade away very quickly as compared to others)
  • The client asks for a lot of adjustments
  • Presence of scar tissue (Scar tissue disperses the pigmentation more readily than expected)
  • The area of scalp to be covered may be big
  • The penetration depth may be shallow
  • The pigmentation used may be light

As the SMP treatment is a very delicate procedure and requires accuracy, the time consumed is not exaggerated.


On average it takes 3 to 4 sessions for complete treatment. So, you don’t have to believe anyone who says otherwise. Don’t risk your money and health. Have a safe treatment!