How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a very reliable solution to balding. We all look for permanent solutions to our problems with long lasting effects. Although it is considered permanent, it fades after a few years. But still, with slight retouch you can have the original look back.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), is a procedure in which tiny perforations are made into your skull to inject pigmentation into your skin to mimic fuller hair. It is a very reliable source for treating baldness or thinning of hair. This modern-day technique has taken the world by storm and people are very satisfied with the long-lasting results. Although a lot of other factors also determine the fading rate of Scalp Micropigmentation. 

Following Are Some Factors That Affect SMP

Sunlight Exposure

After the Scalp Micropigmentation is done, the clients are advised to avoid sun rays. The more you expose your scalp to the sun the faster your pigmentation will fade away. You can wear any headgear while going out or you can use sunblock with certain SPF when going out. 

Type of Pigmentation

The durability of Scalp Micropigmentation also depends on the color used. As lighter colors fade away faster than the dark ones, the pigments must be of best quality. 


The method used in Scalp Micropigmentation determines whether it will last long or not. The way procedure is done makes a great difference in the quality of Scalp Micropigmentation. If done correctly, Scalp Micropigmentation lasts for a very long time.

Immune System

As we know that in Scalp Micropigmentation, the pigments are inserted into the scalp. The molecule involved in hair pigmentation controls certain immune genes. An overactive immune system can result in fading of Scalp Micropigmentation faster than normal.

 All the above-mentioned facts contribute to fading of Scalp Micropigmentation in one way or another. However, if you take care of your scalp; such as avoiding sunlight, UV rays and tan beds, you can make your pigments last a lot longer. Some clients also present concerns about the pigmentation changing its color. Well, it is sad to say that there are some clinics that do not have well trained staff and appropriate equipment or inks. They use tattoo ink instead of the ink meant for Scalp Micropigmentation. In such a case, the tattoo ink changes coloration because of healing and immune system. When that happens, you can consult with our professionals and decide a solution for yourself.  

Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Considered Permanent?

In a way, yes, SMP is a permanent solution for hair loss. And if with time the pigmentation fades away, all you need is to visit us again and with a simple retouch to the previous pigmentation, you can get your desired look back. Most clients get their retouch after 6-7 years, however as mentioned above, the time of fading is different for everyone.

You can also change the look for your hairline after some time. It totally depends on how you want your scalp to look like. We guide our clients on every step of this procedure, so they have a proper idea of how this treatment works. Some clients want a lighter tone, or some go with the dark. It depends on the skin tone that which color is suitable for the Scalp Micropigmentation. Light colors fade more easily than the dark ones and the clients with light pigmentation visit more often than the clients with dark micropigmentation. 


Scalp Micropigmentation is a life changing procedure. It can completely change your look and make you more confident in your skin. It is a non-surgical procedure that has very little side effects and lasts for a very long time. If you want to get rid of your balding days and want to create your own new look then Scalp Micropigmentation is the right decision.