Does SMP work for Dark Skin Tones?

Many people are starting to take an interest in Scalp Micropigmentation. But still, a lot of people have different questions on why they should or shouldn’t choose Scalp Micropigmentation. One of the most common questions people ask is if this treatment works on the people who have darker skin.

The answer is - Yes! It does, and we discuss in this article why.

How Pigment Color Affects Skin Tone

As we know that the basic mechanism for SMP is the injection of pigments in the hair follicles of the client. So, what is the difference between a man with a lighter skin tone and a man with a darker skin tone?

Well, talking about the hair follicles, we see that the follicles of a darker-skinned person are actually larger than that of a person with lighter skin tone. The significance of this is that we have to apply more ink to the follicles of a person with darker skin in order to fill them.

You don’t have to worry because of this as it has no negative effect on the darker-skinned people, except of course a little bit of extra usage of the pigment.

dark skin tone for SMP

What shade should I choose for my dark skin?

This has quite an easy answer. We have seen a lot of people with different colored tattoos on their bodies. The Scalp Micropigmentation technique works in the same way. You can say that it is the “tattooing” of hair follicles in order to make them look darker (The only difference is that this uses pigmentation, which is more solid and resistant to the change of colors as compared to a tattoo ink).

This also signifies that there is a variety of shades which you can choose from. You can select the ones you like and think would fit nicely with your skin tone.

Of course, your physician would also be able to help you with this matter. So, there is nothing to worry about. There are a number of shades that will look just fine on you.

What about the fading of the pigmentation?

The pigmentation of SMP naturally fades away after some time. In the lighter-toned people, this is used to give their scalp a more natural look. For this, small dots of pigmentation are required.

In darker people, this does not work. In these people, more defined hairline and style are needed so that the color stays for a long time.

Having said that, it is actually easier to handle pigmentation in the darker-toned people. It is also better looking in more cases of the darker-toned people than of the lighter-toned people.

You can easily find many dark-toned people with a brilliant looking SMP on their heads.


From the above-mentioned facts, it is quite clear now that SMP is great for dark-skinned people. This should satisfy a lot of people and encourage them to choose SMP for themselves and their loved ones. A good physician and a good pigment choice would be enough to make you look better than ever! Call Scalp Evolution today for any questions how SMP can work for you.