Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

A healthy diet is essential to enjoy hair in perfect condition. The diet must provide us with an optimal amount of nutrients. Here are the main vitamins for hair growth. This is a problem that affects too many people.


This is a problem that usually affects both men and women. Climate changes, stress, and the products we use every day often weaken the scalp and cause significant hair loss; fortunately, we can find treatments or vitamin complexes for hair that in addition to strengthening it from root to tip help us improve its appearance by making it look shinier, healthier and softer.


In this publication, we will show you which ones have the vitamins and everything you need to know to have a more beautiful and healthy hair.


When To Take Hair Vitamins?

Some of the most common signs that you need to take a vitamin complex for your hair are:


  • Less density.
  • Brittle, dull and lifeless hair.
  • Frizzle and hard to comb hair.


Which Vitamins To Take?


  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C accelerates the production of collagen, a substance responsible for making nails and hair grow faster and fuller.


  • Vitamin H or Biotin

One of the most popular natural vitamins on the market. Although we can also get it in capsules, it is presented in shampoos and hair treatments that thicken the cuticle. Also, it helps to avoid dryness and helps us to have shinier and healthier hair.


  • Vitamin B

It's one of the best vitamins for our hair. It acts on the cellular regeneration of the tissues responsible for hair and nail growth. Besides, it is ideal to avoid hair loss and gives it a more natural, vital and shiny look.


  • Vitamin A

It is a vitamin that helps us stimulate the proper functioning of the immune system, cell renewal, and maintenance of tissues. When we do not take enough vitamin A it is normal that we start to notice dryness in our hair. Luckily, we can find capsules for hair loss that are enriched with vitamin A that not only helps hair not to fall out during brushing but also provides natural shine and moisture from the roots to the ends.


  • Vitamin E

It is a vitamin that helps hair grow healthy and strong because it increases the amount of oxygen introduced to the cells increasing the circulation of the scalp. Taking vitamin E in capsules or eating foods rich in this vitamin such as nuts or vegetable oils can help strengthen hair, which is why many hair loss treatments contain vitamin E among their main ingredients.


  • Vitamin D

It is the vitamin that our body naturally generates when we are exposed to the sun. It provides shine and strengthens the hair. If your hair has been previously bleached or is subjected to the heat of the iron or the dryer daily.


If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, we recommend that you acquire some of these vitamins to strengthen your hair. You can find them in pharmacies or specialized stores such as natural cosmetics or herbalists.


In general, these types of hair loss vitamins tend to give progressive results from day one. You can also combine these vitamins with other habits that help prevent hair loss, such as avoiding using a hairdryer or straightening iron, avoiding bleaching or very aggressive dyes, gently combing your hair every day with a wide-bristled comb, etc.