Best Sunscreen For Your Scalp

People enjoy going into the sunlight and getting tan. But prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV radiations can harm our skin. That is why dermatologists recommend using sunscreen as a protection to sunlight or UV radiations. Sunlight is much more harmful for those who have had Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. As Scalp Micropigmentation involves needles that insert pigments inside the scalp to give it a look of a shaved head where there is no or less hair.

Although it is a permanent treatment for hair loss or thinning of hair, but the pigments can fade away after 6-7 years. In order to keep the pigmentation for long time, we advise our clients to avoid

  • Wet or moist head
  • Swimming, saunas, hot baths
  • Direct exposure to sunlight or UV rays
  • Heavy workout and cardio exercises
  • Shaving head with shaving blade

For first month after the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

Use of Sunscreen or Sunblock:

After Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, we advise our clients not to use any kind of cream, lotion or moisturizers on their scalp for at least 4 days. Once fully healed, you can protect your scalp from direct exposure to sunlight by using sunscreen or sunblock before you go out. 

Sunscreen or sunblock are available in the form of creams, lotions or sprays. They protect the scalp better by forming a layer of protection on it that reflects the UV rays and stops it from penetrating the skin and damaging our skin cells or fading the pigments of Scalp Micropigmentation. 

Someone who fails to protect their scalp comes back for touch ups more often than those who use sunscreen regularly. If an average retouch happens after every 6 years, then with the heavy exposure to sunlight, the retouching can be made after 5 or 4 years of Scalp Micropigmentation treatment or maybe sooner than that.

Try using sunblock with high SPF. It should be at least SPF 30+ but we recommend sunblock with SPF 50+. There are hydrating sunscreens which are even better for your scalp. If out in sunlight for too long, try to apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours.

Fading of pigments after Scalp Micropigmentation depends on either the immune system of a person or exposure to sunlight or UV rays. 

Immune System

Immune system tries to absorb the pigments which are inserted in the scalp that causes fading. It is natural for our immune system to react with the foreign substances in our body. With an overactive immune system, the pigments will fade away fast. We cannot control our immune system to prevent fading as it is a natural phenomenon, but we can control the other factor, which is exposure to sunlight.

Sunlight or UV Rays:

Effect of sunlight to pigments after Scalp Micropigmentation does not depend on the type of skin of a person. People with high or low tolerance to sunlight can have same effect of sunlight or UV rays on their Scalp Micropigmentation. It all depends on the time duration of the exposure to the sunlight. If exposed for long period of time, the sunlight or UV rays fade the pigmentation on the scalp.