3 Biggest Hair Loss Myths

Hair loss is a common problem among men, especially at an older age. To understand the cause of its occurrence, it is important to obtain reliable information. The topic of hair loss is associated with many myths that form the wrong opinion about why the process of baldness begins and how to stop it. So, let’s figure out three main myths and learn what can we do with our hair to feel confident about them.

Myth 1: Hair loss occurs only in men at the older age

Intensive hair loss can occur in people of both sexes. With age, about 96% of men and 79% of women face this problem. The manifestations of baldness may vary. In women, a uniform thinning of the hair throughout the head is more often observed, in men they usually fall out intensively in a particular area. Also it is often said that only old men have problems with hair loss, which is also a myth. Hair loss and thinning can happen to children from the age of 12. There are several reasons for this, for example, hormonal changes. Conclusion - age is not the only reason for this phenomenon.

Myth 2: To stop hair loss, just use a special shampoo

Shampoo or any other cosmetic remedy for hair loss in men cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Even if the composition contains vitamins and minerals, they are not able to reach the hair follicles and make up for the deficiency of nutrients. Taking into account the fact that, essentially, your hair is dead tissue, taking a vitamin or rubbing vitamin mixtures into your scalp will in no way affect the growth of your hair.

Myth 3: You need to cut your hair more often so that your hair does not fall out

There is no relationship between hair length and the process of baldness. Even with a very short haircut, the loss continues at the same pace. The claim that it is difficult for weak roots to hold hair is not supported by facts. Hair is a dead tissue, and there is no way to stimulate its growth with haircuts. In addition, cutting hair does not make it weaker or stronger, curly or straight. Despite the fact that clipping the hair can make it thicker due to elimination of split ends and add volume, this has nothing to do with the structure of the hair, they do not increase.

What Can You Do?

If the balding process has already begun and you feel insecure because of your hairstyle, think about scalp micropigmentation. This is an effective method to eliminate the effects of baldness without a harmful effect on the head and the whole body. The essence of this option is to apply individually selected pigment to your scalp. As a result, a 3D illusion of short hair arises, and the existing hair visually looks denser. Thus, the appearance of the hair improves, and a person who is faced with the problem of alopecia does not experience psychological discomfort. And that is our goal.